viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

Ergonomy in Journalists. >>> Higiene Postural. Periodistas

Few years ago I've been noticing this issue. The evolution of journalism. 

It has not changed the way of getting information to the viewer, I do not talk about news programs  neither about the journalists who do get us, but the posture which they mantain during their speech. 

A few years ago, the reporter kept perpendicular to the camera and upright to the lens that focused it (see picture right), but the trend has been evolving into a much more unergonomic posture, shoulders dissociated, dorsal column rotated and even sometimes inclined to a slight bending.

Unergonomic posture in Journalists
Postura incorrecta en periodistas
                                     Ergonomic posture in Journalits    
                                   Postura correcta en periodistas
Both pictures are a clear example about this issue.

What is your opinion?

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